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Large or small, rrripple just fits

February 10th, 2010

You may have noticed, from the slick animations and consistent overall experience, that we’ve designed rrripple’s interface entirely in Flash. One of the best things about Flash is its use of vector graphics. As opposed to raster graphics, which are made of pixels (and, thus, get “pixelated” when stretched), vector graphics are made of lines and curves, which makes them infinitely resizable!

What this means to you, dear rrrippler, is that no matter how you stretch or scrunch your web browser’s window, rrripple is able to adapt, to bring you the best possible viewing experience. Whether you’re using rrripple on a desktop computer with a standard 4:3 monitor, laptop with a wide-screen, or have your computer connected to a large-screen HDTV, you’ll never get a rrripple interface that doesn’t perfectly fit your screen.

(Neat tip: In most web browsers, you can press the F11 key to make the browser interface — the toolbars, scrollbars, menus, etc. — disappear and experience as big a rrripple as possible, with no distractions! If F11 doesn’t work in your browser, see your browser’s menu options for the appropriate key.)

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