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Go Bears! rrripple at UC Berkeley

February 8th, 2010

Our team at rrripple is always keen to interact with anyone who can provide us with valuable feedback and suggestions to make our product even better. In a similar quest (and to pay homage to our alma mater, since both co-founders at rrripple are UC Berkeley grads), Andres and Mandeep set out to the Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) on a beautiful Friday morning. First up, while navigating through bouts of nostalgia and pride, Andres gave a ‘crash’ walking tour of UC Berkeley campus to Mandeep. The VCIC event was even more fun. It was very encouraging to witness the sheer enthusiasm of Haas Business School students on hearing about rrripple. Many of them had been beta users, and had been in correspondence with us reporting bugs and providing suggestions - it was great putting faces to those friendly emails. They asked very smart and insightful questions, and made some worthwhile suggestions. It was great engaging with the other entrepreneurs too, who made equally impactful presentations about their ventures.

Rounding off the event with a nice lunch, on the way back Andres stopped to savor the ever-famous Blue Bottle coffee, finally reminiscing over his amazing hinter years.

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