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rrripple is born!

May 13th, 2009

Sharing in groups can often times be a cumbersome endeavor. Andres Davidovits was co-chairing a committee for a professional entrepreneurship organization and was finding that the group wiki just wasn’t “cutting it” in terms of effective group collaboration around important documents. He tried numerous methods to share private files efficiently and smoothly, but no tool lived up to the “mark.” Then, one fine night at 2am, Andres woke up from a restless slumber in extreme excitement!

He had just envisioned the beginnings of a platform that would revolutionize the way group sharing operates on the Web!

After assembling a forward-thinking and passionate group of experts and spending months in extensive brainstorming sessions, “rrripple” was officially born!

We bring to you “rrripple”, a dynamic stealth start-up that allows you a new way to share what we call ‘life-flows’ with the groups in your life. Essentially we are helping you graphically capture and organize all the events and milestones in your life.

Unlike other social networking environments that allow you to share some form of media, rrripple lets you share any form of media you’d like (because, you know, our lives flow in many ways, in many forms and in many directions.)  Also, unlike other services, you can tightly control “who’s in and who’s out” — that is, only those people you choose can see specific photos you selected, a specific video, etc.  You have complete control over who sees what; how much; and when. (Control can be a beautiful thing!)

We have allowed you, as a user, to post any sort of media (photos, videos, links, notes, and even documents like Word, Excel and PowerPoint) onto an interactive timeline, upon which your media and updates seamlessly appears to everyone who is part of that group.  Oh: and here’s the best part… not only can you zoom in and out, the whole interface “moves”… just like an iPhone app.

Your Feedback is extremely important to us. As you play with / test out our site, please email us at [email protected] with anything you like and dislike about rrripple.  Your detailed (and ideally extensive) feedback will help us to make our new service as enriching and socially engaging as possible. We would deeply appreciate your help and thank you in advance for lending us a helping hand in this way!

Life Flows….Share It!!!

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