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Our CEO, Heather Hiles, joins the ‘Next Women List’

July 27th, 2011

We here at #teamrrripple know very well the determination and perseverance our CEO, Heather Hiles, displays on a daily basis.  As our team has travelled along the journey of The Fellowship of the Start-Up, headed to Mordor to destroy The One Ring….oh wait.  I’ll save that for another post.

In all seriousness, it brings me great pride to see the captain of our ship receive an acknowledgement from other amazing entrepreneurs.  Heather is probably to modest to promote herself in this forum, but I would like to congratulate her on being recognized as one of ‘The Next Women’ to watch in business.

We have some terrific news on the horizon that will change the future for rrripple and improve the usability of our application for all of our amazing customers.  We’ll be announcing our new developments in the next couple weeks so stay tuned.  Until then, please check out an article in The Next Women Business Magazine on Heather’s background as a proponent for education and workforce development reform by clicking here.


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