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“Sorta share” with rrripple

February 16th, 2010

The feature set we have on rrripple fills a real need that not a lot of other services do: allowing you to share things truly on your own terms. While many other services only let you restrict your posts to all of your contacts, we know that not everyone you know needs to see every post you make. That’s why rrripple lets you choose, for each post, precisely with whom you’d like to share. Think of it as “sorta sharing.”

We’ve already blogged about rrripple’s commitment to private group sharing, but in case you were wondering just how easy it is to share something with a private group, a trusted bunch of friends… or both, it’s as easy as checking (or not checking) a box:

After clicking “post” at the top of any page, watch as lists of your contacts and groups slide smoothly into your view, on either side of the page. While your content uploads, use the panels to select precisely which groups should receive the content, and which of your contacts should as well. Anyone with a blue box next to their name will have access to the content, and anyone without will not.

Having a lot of rrripple contacts or groups doesn’t mean repetitive mouse strain injuries, either! Use rrripple’s “select all” or “select none” features, followed by just a few more clicks, to share a post with almost everyone… or almost no one.

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