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rrripple Works For Weddings

February 4th, 2010

Wedding planning can be a major challenge – something I can attest to personally. Modern brides are juggling their careers, social lives, wedding planning duties and domestic responsibilities – often with family and friends spread far around the country or around the globe.

Sharing ideas, photos, videos, and articles with the Mother of the Bride, the Maid of Honor, bridesmaids, and – of course – wedding coordinators, is a must for most ladies, but finding a platform to manage the media and files that go into coordinating the Big Day is difficult. Wedding sites, like or offer public sites that allow brides to share stories, details, photo galleries and reservation information with the wedding guests – but aren’t an ideal way to share photos of her top dress choices with a small group of people. Likewise, social networking services offer the same disadvantage – what bride wants all of her wedding guests to see her dress before she walks down the aisle?

Enter rrripple. From sharing with her closest confidantes to posting wedding details – time, date, location, room blocks and important party information with all of her guests – rrripple allows brides (and grooms) to be the power of a multimedia sharing tool in a controlled setting.

Want to share images of potential cakes and floral arrangements, documents with proposed menus and appetizers, or even discuss secret surprises with your wedding coordinator? rrripple lets you do that. Want to share details for bridesmaids’ dresses, shoes and accessories with just your ladies? Set up a bridal party group and sharing is as easy as dragging and dropping photos and files into your designated group. Best of all – your Maid of Honor can create her own group (using rrripple) to plan your surprise bridal shower and bachelorette party with your mother and bridesmaids – and you won’t spoil the surprise.

And for wedding guests – the benefits are just as useful. By building a wedding group on rrripple, the bride and groom are making “virtual introductions” in advance of their special day, and making it easy for their guests to:

  • Coordinate airport transportation with other out of town guests arriving at the same time
  • Share their stories about the bride and groom, or post photos they have of the couple
  • Post their own wedding photos after the event in a private setting where all guests (who may not know each other or be connected on social networking platforms) can enjoy or comment on them, without having them open to the public
  • Keep in touch after the event, or post contact information such as phone number or email addresses with requests from the group (e.g., “Did anyone happen to pick up a white iPhone from Table 5? If found, please email [email protected]”)

Perhaps you’ve already started your Knot wedding page, or have created your own, customized Web site to share details with guests. But for planning important details, private communications and media sharing, check out rrripple!